Prayer List

Please pray for the sick and the infirmed (and their caregivers) for whom prayers have been requested:

Mary Frey, Ed Nunier, Lois Paddock, Ed Schuler, Jill Taylor, Gene Back, Ruth Ross, Beth & Pat Baird, Bonnie Back, Jack Collins, Ruth Beesley, Myrna Strohmier, Mary Lunsford, Mark Blades, Ron Cooper, Steve Ross, Shirley English, Michael Geiling, Rob English, Dave White, Tom Drewes, Michael Selm, Glenn Gesell, Elizabeth Gramman, Carey Jacobs, Frances Senefeld, Bonnie R. Knecht, Mike Sauerland, Marla Jansing, Fannie White, Hilda Wirtz, Joan Davis, Beverly Tebbe, George Schroer, Joan Kaufhold, Doreen Johnson, Peter Reising, Betty Allen, Ed Schroer, June Moster, Tonya Beesley, Aiden J. Wilson, June Williams, Mary Keck, Matt Keck, Becky Teece, Debby Brown, Chris Strohmier, Bob Bradley, Ethel Handley, Charlene Reidenbach, Darin Reidenbach, Dale Reidenbach, Candace Hoff, Steve Ludwig, Robin Hensley, Lisa Nolan, Millie Kunkel, Nathan Meyer, Tim Gramman, Katie Noah, Chris Hill, Marjorie Meier, Donna Allen, Cole Eckstein, Bill Martz, Jackie Meyer, Mendi Gill, Ron Gill.

If you wish to be prayed for by the parish, please call the parish office at 765-647-5462, and leave your full name.