Mass Times

Saturday Vigil
4:00 pm at St. Michael
5:30 pm at St. Peter

Sunday Masses
7:30 am at St. Michael
9:00 am at St. Peter
10:30 am at St. Michael (Live Stream)

Daily Masses
Tuesday 8:35 am at St. Michael
Wednesday 7:30 am at HGA Oratory
Wednesday 6:00 pm at St. Peter
Thursday 8:35 am at St. Michael
1st Thursday 6:00 pm at HGA Oratory
Friday 7:30 am at St. Michael


  • Sun, Feb 25th

  • Sun, Feb 18th


Office Hours

The parish office is open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

Office location:
145 St. Michael Blvd.
Brookville, Indiana 47012

Our Secure Online Giving Site

Offertory picWe Share Online Giving

The link above will take you to our secure online giving site which will allow you to complete the following transactions:

  • Sunday Collections
  • Special Collections
  • Memorial Donations
  • Register for upcoming Events and/or pay for fees involved

St. Michael Cemetery Map

St. Michael Cemetery Software

Mapping of our St. Michael Cemetery is a work in progress.  Please be patient as it may take me up to a couple of years to enter all the data related to our cemetery.  As I learn more and enter more information I will be able to let the parish see how to best utilize this program.  

Thank you,

Carla Hertel, Administrative Assistant

765-647-5462, [email protected]

Funeral Mass Pre-Arrangements

For the Christian death is not an end, but a beginning. In death, the faithful follower truly lives with our Lord in eternal and blessed union. 

At the time of mourning, it can be a great comfort to your family and friends to know that the readings, songs and other arrangements that are made for the celebration of Holy Mass and Christian Burial were specifically chosen by you.

Funeral Planning Pre-Arrangement Book

The link above will let you print off the Funeral Mass Pre-Arrangement Book that you can use to help you plan your funeral Mass. File in pages 20-21 of this document and keep them in a place that is known to your immediate family.

Remember, it is the grace of being baptized Christian that upon death the Sacred Rite of Christian Burial should be celebrated. This is the desire of the Church.