Kroger Rewards

Every year you must re-register St. Michael School or St. Peter Religious Education Group to your account so that we receive the free 4% of every purchase you make at Kroger, including gas, gift cards and everyday shopping and you do not even have to do anything different than shop as usual. This will no have any effect on your reward points it is a free service from Kroger to the community.

If you do not have a Kroger Plus card yet, go to any Kroger and ask them for a Kroger Plus card, it is very fast and easy to get (takes less than 2 minutes right at the register), this is not a credit card, just a rewards card to save you money on any purchase you make.

Just on online at and make sure your account has St. Michael School or St. Peter Church in Brookville.

  1. Sign into your account (click on your mane in the top right corner).
  2. Go to the bottom of the page, community rewards.
  3. St. Michael School id #80465  or  St. Peter Church id #80768.
  4. Select the location you want.
  5. Save changes.

You are now ready to shop like normal just using your Kroger Plus card and our community automatically gets 4% every time you use your card.